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It's me, Alexis!  Thanks for stopping by!  I was first introduced to the floral industry by a dear friend while finishing my degree in Elementary Education. I cleaned buckets, stripped roses, prepped vases and was on trash duty. I found joy in all of it! I loved how physically demanding the days were! I loved watching full buckets become empty and watching designers make stunning ART with flowers. It became crystal clear to me that flowers could transform an event.  

My curiosity for the industry was constant. I wanted to be a part of it!! I spent years freelancing for many inspiring mentors who were running successful businesses and soaked in all of the knowledge from skilled designers I worked with side-by-side. 

I launched my company, Alexis Anastasia, and as my passion grew so did my crew. The first on board was my best friend and sister, Sara. She brought years of managerial experience and the energy of seven people! Together, we tackle events with our brains in sync and massive amounts of laughter.  

I have a deep appreciation for the event industry. It’s humbling to watch the domino effect of how a company (regardless of the industry) can provide so many fortuitous opportunities for individuals to thrive in their particular field; from the skilled lighting people, to the craftsmen that create the experiences in the showcase, the incredibly talented producers, the sign crew, the cleaning crews who strike events, the entertainers, the flower farmers, the trucking companies who bring all of the steel, wood, flowers, fabric, food -- it’s unreal! There are many pieces in the “event” puzzle - when we all bring our talents together, we have the capacity to create something truly amazing

The big picture is mind blowing, the domino effect is real, and we get to play a small part in it! We are lucky! Thank you to our clients who let us be a part of their events! 

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